Vera & Family

An Easter Egg Hunt at their favourite park, what a great idea Vera! I was witness to the love and sweetness of this family during Easter Sunday.  It was great to see them play with their beautiful son. Vera outdid us all with her energy (and as you will see, she is about to give birth to her second child!) 


MAALEM in Luxembourg

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph this absolutely wonderful shop in Luxembourg city. The owner, Frédérique is passionate and knowledgeable about every item that she includes in her shop. At MAALEM the experience is more of being in a gallery perfectly curated where all the items are for sale. 

Have a look

_MG_5748 L.jpg
_MG_5749 L.jpg
_MG_5753 L.jpg
_MG_5756 L.jpg
_MG_5759 L.jpg
Collage 3 (1).jpg
_MG_5763 L.jpg
_MG_5797 L.jpg

3, rue du Nord, Luxembourg Ville

A Regal Morning for the Ebanks

Friends as clients are a treat … 

As we started this cold and foggy morning in Luxembourg, I felt a bit regal, wondering these wonderful spaces of the city. 

The fog and the cold did not deter us from enjoying the morning, warming up with some chocolate and later being surprised by sun and a gorgeous blue sky.

During our attempt to warm up!


A Healthy Business

I met Saskia recently and she asked me to do a photo session for her upcoming website. Saskia is passionate and very knowledgeable about healthy nutrition. She is also a very kind, fun and approachable woman.

On a chilly morning we headed out to the Luxembourg weekly market to explore and learn about the seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Have a look at this selection and enjoy.

And do keep and eye on Saskia's upcoming health program which I will be featuring here!

Bowie recap

I have seen Bowie grow up in Luxembourg. Let me share this with you, just because …

Our first session at home

Fast forward to summer 2012

We enjoyed it so much we had two Session 2 :)

… and our third session in Parc Municipal, this October 2013.
Boy,  you have grown so much.

Working on your Christmas Card - a Special Promotion


It is that time again! And I am offering a deal for those families interested in creating a beautiful Christmas card for this year.

Many websites offer wonderful card designs. My three favourites are Minted, Tiny Print and Pear Tree.

All you need is a good photo!

The Merry Christmas Photo Special 

This special promotion includes 

- a 20 minute photo session at a predetermined location
- 3 selected photos which I will retouch and prepare for you
- 2 adaptations of your best photo in a card format using my favourite sites, so you are ready to print!

This special session is priced at EUR 150 

Contact me for details

Book early!

A Luxembourg City Session

It is always refreshing to get a new idea from your own clients. When this family suggested we do a session in the middle of the city of Luxembourg I was so happy to test something new and different. They were fantastic and the weather could not have been any better! Here my favourite selection:

this melancholic one ... love

By the palace

a beautiful day 

It was a real pleasure to be out in town with this family. 
Thank you

'Tis the Season and I can't make up my mind (again)

The annual Christmas Card is a little project of mine. However as I have mentioned other times, taking pictures of my own family is the hardest job. They are all playing with me and fascinated by the camera so I rarely get a good photo.

This year it wasn't different. I tried getting THE family photo using a tripod and the remote control; well that resulted in some hilarious photos that I will probably show someday ! So I decided that this year it was a "kids only" card. Thankfully I had captured them a couple of months ago looking decent and lovely, so I got to work.

Now I am posting the designs I chose here in an attempt to make a decision and send them to print! Let's see!


or maybe one of these?

(Sorry! the resolution is not great)

any suggestions are VERY welcome :) and if you find a design in Minted, Tiny Prints, Pear Tree or any other sites, please let me know!

Bowie at the park

I am so happy with this second session. I am taking photos of this little guy to record his first year. I did an early session when he was a little baby, and for summer we did a two-part session (here is the first of the summer sessions). Summer was very cold in Luxembourg this year so I didn't want poor Bowie to have to  be wearing wool for his summer photos.

We were joined by his brother Dutch and I couldn't resist snapping some photos of him too. We found this lovely spot at park Tony Neumann. Have a look and tell me which ones are your favourites!

We are off to swing with mom

Big brother Dutch makes a second appearance

A flower for mom (unprompted!)

Always a pleasure to photograph this family, we have to get Dad there too!